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Our process

Client Portfolio Profile
Each client's life insurance portfolio is custom-designed in collaboration with the client's advisors. We listen to each client's needs and goals to ensure that life insurance assets are appropriately allocated to manage risk and to achieve the intended results.


Planning meetings involve the discussion of each client's personal and cultural preferences to integrate a client's personal objectives into his or her life insurance plan.


Portfolio Implementation & Management
A life insurance portfolio is developed around the client's objectives and is appropriately implemented to provide leverage, certainty and diversification. Advanced planning techniques are employed to incorporate efficient gifting strategies and funding options that can defer and minimize tax liability and reduce costs. Regular meetings with our clients and their advisory teams involve review of the life insurance portfolio to ensure it continues to meet our clients' objectives. Permanent life insurance is an asset that needs to be managed and evaluated like any other asset. Its performance can be affected by changes in tax rates, product development, and changes in a client's lifestyle. Continued analysis is necessary to determine if a portfolio needs to be modified to better achieve its purpose.

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