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Deferred Compensation

Because of the limits on the amount of money that can be contributed to qualified plans, executives may experience insufficient funds for their lifestyle upon retirement. Non-qualified deferred compensation plans offer a tax-deferred way to bridge this retirement gap by allowing for pre-tax savings deferral in excess of qualified plan limits with tax-deferred growth potential.

We work closely with each company and its general counsel to custom-design deferred compensation plans that attract top executives to ensure sufficient retirement security. We also ensure that each plan will provide key employees long-term incentive to remain with the company by deferring a portion of their salary until they achieve specific goals or objectives. This offers companies a unique strategy to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace where they maintain above-average profitability for a number of years.

We consistently create deferred compensation plans that achieve fundamental corporate objectives:

  • Attracting top executives by offering the option of deferring maximum compensation, including signing bonuses;

  • Motivating key employees to achieve corporate goals and maintain a high standard of performance;

  • Providing key employees with incentive to remain with a company; and

  • Contributing to a company's growth and profitability.

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